Small shelves on my desk for electronic parts store.

My wife complains about my desk very cluttered as many electronic devices She can not tolerate, so wear spirits as a genius carpenter.
To make the Small shelves on my desk to me. To store too many electronic parts store.

We must tell them that We are not professional carpenters. These details, just the story to you. The details are unclear. I hope that it is a concept used to create small shelves. When she is done, You also will do as well.
She uses scrap wood, 3 inches wide, as critical components. Cut into pieces as in Figure 1. Do not use a kitchen knife, But the saws for woodworking.

Figure 1 Cutting the wood into many pieces as designed

As Figure 2 is the designed layouts that I draw to her.

Figure 3 Here is the genius assistant of her. (daughter our own).

Then assemble all the parts with together by use wood screws as Figure 4.

Figure 5 Small shelves is finished. Next She painted and waiting to dry

When done, I can use it so well. as Figure 6.

My desk, tidy up. Thanks my wife and you for reading our story.

One thought on “Small shelves on my desk for electronic parts store.”

  1. I purchase small bins which have a lid and a lip near the top. I get 10 of these for US$1.00 at a “dollar-store”. By cutting an inverted “T” shape in pieces of wood, I can then screw the lengths of wood (about 18″ long) to the underside of shelves above my workbench, spaced such that the bins slide in between the rails, and they are held up. Resistors, Capacitors, diodes, LEDs, ICs, other parts, all easy to find in the clear containers.

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