Simple High Pass Filter using IC 741

This be Simple high pass Filter perform filter especial tall frequency can change only. By use IC 741 , be the integrated circuit op-amp very the circuit helps to are high frequency Filter model to be simple. By from the circuit will let 750 HZ frequencies s go up change more well , 60HZ frequencies are or lower. By friends can change the value RC for filter the frequency that can want, it is allows this circuit has a lot performance,and has cut off frequency precise.

Despite the possibility of multi-circuit filter,with different levels of growth and differentiation of a roll back in the op-amp IC. But this circuit can reduce the frequency cut off, so successful, the device configuration, R1 = R2, C1 = C2. which can see the detail has followed circuit picture.

Simple High Pass Filter using IC 741

Active high pass filter circuit using LM741

This is active high pass filter circuit for 327Hz frequency using LM741 or LM741 circuits. It will use to build Harmonic at 3 of 130.81 frequency have the value at least. More than the frequency Fundamental 30 dB, for output be sawtooth wave form for use in sound of music way system Electronic design will use the circuit filters three rank frequency. By have 3 dB you slopes can use Op-amp IC number LM741 or number LF351, it will meet the frequency well.

Active high pass filter circuit using LM741

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