Regulator 15V 400mA by 748 and 2N3055

Regulator 15V 400mA by 748 and 2N3055
Today try come to see linear regulator 15volt 400mA Circuit. It is use IC op-amp IC748 perform control Voltage Regulator 15V. by have ZD1 5.1V be the referable voltage. For Transistor 2N3055 , perform enlarge current tallly go up and Q3-2N3904 help protect something through the circuit. This circuit can give Current get about 400mA only. Be regarded as the circuit experiences that interesting help give understand the system Voltage Regulator well. The detail is other , a friend has seen in the circuit please sir.

Regulator 15V 400mA by 748 and 2N3055

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