Regulator 0-30V 5A by IC 723 & 2N3055 -2part

This 0-30V power supply is special that the output to 5amp min 5A. It use IC LM723 + 2N3055 power transistor x2 part. so do the current too much than this circuit (easy circuit)
To use transformer 5A, Transistor 2N3055 to Hold Heatsink, VR1-5K to ADJ Volt Output.

One of our most popular a power supply circuit is the variable voltage regulator 0-30V 2A.
However, because someone want to work at higher loads. Let us modify the new circuit for the work load has increased.
We do not offend you, In this Power supply circuit 0-30V 5A is adapted to the work
direct follow want of all of you.

This circuit is still the principle original everything. Just only changes the current limiting circuit. by use the resistors 0.1ohm 5W two pieces for the parallel, to be able to withstand loads as wanted.
We should not forget, use the resistor size 0.1ohm 5 watt amounting 2 pieces to parallel each other
Then, connected to the emitter of the two 2N3055. To offset features that might be slightly different, these two transistors.
To create just operators device in a PCB form and then to make correct completed is available. Without you have adjusting customized at any the circuit.

Regulator 0-30V 5A by IC 723 & 2N3055 -2part
circuit Regulator 0-30V 5A by IC LM723 & 2N3055 x 2

PCB Regulator 0-30V 5A by IC LM723 & 2N3055 x 2
Source: PK kit Circuit book

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18 thoughts on “Regulator 0-30V 5A by IC 723 & 2N3055 -2part”

  1. hi,
    can someone please modify it for 10 and 20amps, and how can i control the lm723 voltage through PIC by pwm .

  2. This is good and works. There are a few hicks up though – Whent eh voltage is beyond 20V, the IC starts heating up – the solution would be to replace the R4 resistor with a higher value. Also, when you make the pot zero, the output voltage still shows as 0.5~0.7 V. The solution could be to use a volatge doubler – a negative one and provide a -VCC as reference.

  3. Thanks,it works.But as Sunlkumar said, when the voltage is above 20,the IC heats up.Exactly What higher value of R4 should I use?please help

  4. I feel so amazing to explore you experience in your site…please can you show me a easy way to test a power transistor?

  5. pls am having a challenge in steping down 5A to 1A using lm317T pls its really urgent and i will be so thankful, if you can assist…..

  6. First time I turned it on it worked. But then the R4 start to burn, smell and the voltage stayed at max. I tried to replace this resistor with a 10k and a 100k. But the voltage still stays at max. Do you guys think that the IC has been burned because the first attempt with the 100ohm R4?

  7. Hello!
    The supply is 24*5=120W. But your supposed output is 30*5=150W. The law on energy is not valied here. Why is it???

  8. i want to ask
    1.what is the wattage of other resistors ( R1-R8)?
    2.which substitute can i use instead of BD140? because it is not available in market here.
    3. for 2n3055 heat sinks are required?
    thanking you in anticipation.

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