DC to AC Inverter by IC 555 and TIP41 TIP42

This be basic AC inverter Circuit. Convenient for the initiator who have to is extremely fond of something experience. Because of use IC 555 highly popular, perform produce the frequency ,then enlarge with transistor NPN and PNP number TIP41 and TIP42 drive the coil transformer. Get by can pay Voltage output about 120V to 230V at frequency 50Hz. By have R4 perform control the frequency and should use. Voltage supply about 5V to 15V the detail sees in circuit picture sir.

The DC  to AC inverter circuit is small size, by ic NE555 and TIP41 TIP42

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5 thoughts on “DC to AC Inverter by IC 555 and TIP41 TIP42”

  1. it is highly unlikely due to the restraints placed on by C4 that this could supply much current, I’d put this at 5W or less.

  2. thank you for the ready availability of your data, greatly appreciated your diagram. I am experimenting into phase shift anomalies.
    Notes like yours enables me to delve further.
    Past history, Originator formula for stepper motor, motor movement selection by divisional factors of frequencies and band width 1982, Anti radar alloy 1980,Hyper-Conductivity of insulators 1970 and their interaction of over-riding all circuits-(Non-MEN-LINK).
    A ready access to interim circuit notes helps speed up the process.
    Thanks Again- Stephen Fitton.

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