Counter display with led 7 segment by IC CMOS

This is the simple digital counter circuit, the IC application number 4029 from binary data, and then sent to the IC number 4513, a driver IC 7 Segment, to show off a digital number from 0 to 9.
When entering into a pulse signal input pin 15 of IC1, it will signal to the output signal is Binary.Then send the output from the pin Q0, Q1, Q2, Q3, and the pin. 6, 11, 14 and 2 of IC1.Go to the input of IC2 No. 4513. Which is IC displayed by the decoder signal to the Binary LED display with a 7 or the 7 Segment, will be displayed from a digital number from 0-9.

digital counter circuit display with led 7 segment

0-99 Two Digit Counter By IC 74LS48 , 74LS90

This is circuit 0-99 Two Digital Counter.
use IC TTL Digital IC 74LS48 x 2 to LED 7 segment Display,
and 74LS90 x 2 for Decade and Binary Counters.
Input Clock pin 14 from IC 74LS90.
Here is circuit use power supply 5V.

0-99 Two Digit Counter By IC 74LS48 , 74LS90

9 thoughts on “Counter display with led 7 segment by IC CMOS”

  1. The 7490 (74LS90) doesn’t have a 16th pin,it has only 14 pins. Plus 5V is supplied through pin 5.

    For a divide by 60 (think minutes and seconds on a clock) on the second 7490 connect pin 2 to pin 9 and pin 3 to pin 8- divide by 6!

    For divide by 24 (hours) you have to tie both pin 2’s togather, and both pin 3’s togather then connect one to pin 8 of the first 7490 and the other to pin 9 of the second 7490.

    Easy as pie or PI.

  2. in 7490 5th pin is Vcc. better to take a separate connection from 2&3 to reset by making these pins high.

  3. The circuit is incorrect…the 7490 IC is a 14 pin,not 16 pin!!! Power goes to pin 5. Also the circuit is drawn with the least significant counter on the left,it should be on the right,so the circuit is basically drawn backwards!!!

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