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More circuits about oscillator, pulse, frequency , and others.

The twin-T complementary amplifier circuit with filter selector

The filter circuit of this main circuit will sent to through to the signal that middle frequency. At the same time is attenuated the others frequency into input signal to R1 through the base of emitter circuit as complementary form (T1/T2). And the feedback from the emitter lead of T1 and T2 through twin-T to input of the complementary amplifier (T3/T4) at others frequency from feedback. Then, out to the co ...

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Dynamic Compressors without power supply

This dynamic compressors circuit that The reduction rate of the signal up to 20 dB at input between 100 mV to 10 volts. This circuit does not use external power. But used part of the input signal into a power supply. To reduce size of the signal. A part of the input signal is rectified by the D1 and D2, To charge the C1 and C2. This voltage is also used as a control voltage to the small signal attenuation d ...

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Current-controlled Sawtooth Generator Circuit

This Sawtooth wave generator circuit include of the frequency oscillator is controlled by current. Which can generate the sweep frequency in wide range. Suitable to be applied in the field of music equipment and a narrow pulse output. Also we are able to be a random circuit, and Hold. This circuit include of current variable power supply circuit (T1, T2-BC557) and trigger (N1, N2 of CD4011) and switch (T3-B ...

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Low-volts Crystal Frequency Generator Circuit

We can easily use FET and Crystal to generate the frequency and In particular, this circuit use very low voltage. It can operate at a supply voltage to 1.5 volts only and at crystal frequency 100 KHz to 10 MHz. The crystal is connected to between the drain and gate of FET-T1 BF256. It runs in resonance mode in parallel coil form. The inductor L1 makes better frequency stability and can use crystal in the wi ...

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Simple Crystal oscillator Circuit

This is simple crystal oscillators that provided square wave of 1MHz to 10MHz, Use an inverter gate IC and control frequencies with crystal. A oscillator or a frequency generator provide waveform out in various forms. For example : sine wave, Triangular waveform, Or square wave. The Frequency generator to control or out for a base time to a electronic circuit. Which this oscillator circuit will see is appli ...

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1KHz Signal injector for electronic technicians

A signal injector is important tools for the electronics technicians it small and cheap. This project is better the simple circuit because it has 1KHz and many frequency harmonic. The normal signal injector has a square wave output about 1KHz. Which the square wave has lot of harmonic and up to many MHz so can be test a radio frequency section. While the fundamental frequency scale 1Khz, was used to test th ...

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The CMOS current controlled oscillator circuits (CCO)

We can use a CMOS nand gate or inverter gate and two transistors into the current controlled oscillator circuit (CCO). In Figure 1 use two inverters are connected together as a astable multivibrator circuit. Figure 1 the normal astable multivibrator CCO circuit. If the output of N1 is "0”, and C1 will start be charged through T1, until there is voltage exceeds the threshold of N1, cause output N1 is "0” and ...

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