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Super boost bass by UA741

This General purpose boost bass circuit is low pass filter that famous for decades over the years,can be used to increase the bass to the amplifier gain. The characteristics similar to a normal tone control circuits, It is designed for high frequency in the Flat form. But The low frequency or bass can add more or less by adjusting the VR1. This circuit will use , power supply 12 volt. When feed input come i ...

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Donkey Sound Generator Circuit

This is a Donkey sound generator project that easy to builds because use simple components include three IC-555 and LM386 and more little parts. Although at present we use Micro controller IC because small. But some times it is hard to find, so this circuit is suitable for everyone. How it works In Figure 1 the schematic diagram of this projects. When press switch S1 to apply power to this project. The oper ...

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Tremolo Effect Circuit using uA741

The tremolo effect circuit widely used, making noise in the electronic music scene. The height of the modulation signal by low frequency between 1 Hz to 10 Hz. This result will sound good, When frequency be modulated in sine. Figure 1 Tremolo Effect Circuit using uA741 The circuit as Figure 1. Music signal is buffered with emitter circuit of T1. And so, entered IC1. Which adjusted growth rate by P1. The out ...

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Modify Acoustic into the electric guitar on FM wireless transmitter.

This circuit is used to Modify an Acoustic into the electric guitar on FM wireless transmitter system. It is small, cheap, easy to build. The acoustic guitar pickup of this circuit like working of the condenser microphone. Which is good because This system has less distortion than the general guitar pickup, that include of magnets and coils, may be hard to find and expensive. The 88 MHz FM transmitter circu ...

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Simple sound effect generator circuit using IC-555 and IC-4017

If we want to be a producer,This circuit would be a good starting point to composed music for 1000 tracks. As Figure 1 is a common circuit. Which will see them always when use LED running. We will use an IC-555 timer and IC-4017 Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded as sound effect generator with adjusting tone music with a tempo slow - fast as you want it to VR11. And VR1-VR10 to adjust the tone according ...

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Simple guitar fuzz effect circuit using IC-741

In play guitar or other instruments. Sometimes people just want to be a sound of unusual instruments, from some common. and this fuzz effect circuit or crack, it is the circuit that is commonly used characteristics as shown in Figure 1. How this circuit works In Figure 1 as circuit diagram of this project, we use IC-741 op-amp as base of circuit by it is new setting to use a single power supply to easy to o ...

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Class A headphone amplifier using TL072 low noise.

We will use a Class A stereo headphone amplifier that is very good quality sound. Consists a low noise Op Amp ICs and 2 transistor as main so have very cheap and easy to build. It can increase all audio source such as CD player, the AM, FM radio or others. The many people like this circuit : Hifi transistor headphone amplifierit have good sound because use pure transistor.But some time you may like this pro ...

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