AC lights dimmer with triac

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  Posted by momename - September 3, 2010 at 10:20 pm

This circuit has can to turn down a light bulb arrives at 100W. If Triac there is tall temperature should hold Heat Sink or let off the heat. The Diac be diode that perform be formed encourage or Trigger Diode 2 kinds are way or Bidirectional. The VR1 use for fine decorate turning down fire. Caution this circuit must is in a box closes all the time that have the electricity flows through.

In figure 2 well than the first circuit
Operation of the circuit be Lamp L1 is adjusted by adjusting the light of VR1. This will serve to control the speed of charging of C1, Because triac will work.
When C1 has charged to the voltage at the triac work.When adjusting the VR1 C1 will charge as little faster lamp is lit.If the adjustment of VR1 C1 will charge very slowly.The little light bulb. Because the triac does not work over the triac during the work.The light bulb will dim down by adjusting VR1.The R1 is placed for protection VR1 prevent damage.The R2, C2 is used to eliminate signal disturbance. Both produced and external circuit.
AC lights dimmer with triac

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