Easy 2N3055 inverter circuit,12V to 220V 50HZ

This is 2N3055 Inverter circuit ,It Converts 12VDC to 220VAC Output 180W. Use easy Circuit Square Wave Oscillator Generator 50Hz.
So Boost up Current High by 2N3055 Drive Transformer output 220V 50HZ From Voltage Supply 12V 10A.

This circuit is converter to use to charge DC12V from the lead-acid batteries to AC 250V for use in a car, Boats or mobile homes. There are the output power There are the sufficient power to the small electronics such as a lamp or electrical soldering iron. In circuit use only six transistors, transformer and a few electronic parts. So it is easy to build and cheap, too.

How it works
-The Q3(BC549) and Q4(BC549) both are the a stable multivibrator (AMV) has output is pulse square wave from about 50 Hz. They will alternately inductor current.
-And the power section also works on push-pull form.
– When Q3 induct current will have the current flows through Q2, making Q1 connects the half coil circuit of the primary transformer with the 12V drop across voltage from battery.
– When Q4 induct current, transistor Q6 will connects the primary coil circuit another one to drop across the replace 12V voltage.
– If you use the transistor in the output section to be number: RCA 40411 will be has the current flows through the primary coil in each time is 10 amperes. To power output (Way secondary coil) is 180 watt. However, if the number 2N3055 power output will be have a 90 watt.


How to uses.
– Because transistors being used in saturation. Therefore, it must be held on a large heat sink. there is the cooling fins that size over than 100mm up and also multiple fins. And If using transformer is triodes core, it makes a smaller size.
– The circuit is small, because have a little device makes do no adjust to a sine wave. Thus the wave output will be a square. Which may be a result of some electrical appliances, such as, dimmer lights and electric motors, may be will not work. Because it is designed to be used with a sine wave power, and is not recommended for use with color TV and video or audio tape.

Note: This circuit worked well please watch video below.


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